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    Effective communication among business partners is the basis for the good working cooperation.

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    Vanishing borders make it possible to win recognition on the market everywhere in the world.

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    Proffesional services, maximum product quality and to be a responsible business partner to whom you can always turn.


Exceptional resources of stores mean higher potential of production...

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Implementing new technologies and production processes...

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Trust is the most important part in building of a business relationship...

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Our goal is to reach Success from the words Strategy, Innovation and Trust.

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Are you looking for a business partner?

Black4, spol. s r.o. is here for you. In cooperation with the company Top Grafit, s.r.o., we offer professional service regarding production and delivery of carbon and graphite products

Our strength is that we have the biggest stores of carbon and graphite in the Central Europe, therefore we can comply with your requirements regarding high-speed production and swift delivery.

Take advantage of our dimensions of size of CNC machining centre with the milling capacity:
  • X – 2130 mm
  • Y – 1015 mm
  • Z – 800 mm

In case you don't have exact product specification, our specialty colleagues will give you professional advice and together we will find a technically suitable solution with the guaranty.

About us

Together we create quality and we strive to provide superior services in the segment to our clients.

The company Black4, spol. s r.o. was established in cooperation with Top Grafit, s.r.o., specialists in the production of carbon and graphite products since 1997. Black4, spol. s r.o. is the comercial representative for TopGrafit, s.r.o. worldwide.

Four points strategy


Outstanding abilities in the area of production, construction and machinery skills enable us to produce better-quality carbon and graphite products.

Guarantee supply and large stock materials this mean higher potential of production capacities and promptness of fulfilling of orders.

Implementing new technologies and production processes, purchase of new equipment and technical procedures and marketing methods since 1997 until present time are the basis for development and growth of the company.

Trust is the most important part in the building a business relationship.

Liable cooperation and fair service to our clients is our motto.

Success is a matter of work which has a clear goal, and our goal is to reach Success thru Strategy, Innovation and Trust.



Graphite is one of the naturally formed polymorphs of carbon, just like diamond or coal. Thanks to its thermal and electrical conductivity, strength and stiffness the mineral is of use in various industries.

Positive features of graphite have been at first utilized by the steel industry in production of steel and heat-resistant materials. Thanks to its chemical resistance, 98% of the pure graphite is used for production of the graphite sealing plates which are effective everywhere where other materials don't fit, as for example under the condition of high temperatures in the chemical and metallurgical industry.

At the present time protection of the environment is the important aspect of our existence. While looking for alternative energy sources, graphite is the most convenient solution not only in production of lithium-ion batteries but it has also become irreplaceable in production of solar cells and semiconductors.

It found its place also in the car industry, not just as a part of brake-shoe linings, sealings and gears but also as the lightest material for bodyshell production, used by many renowned companies.